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Client Relationship Model Phase 2 (CRM 2) (LCI002)
Client Relationship Model Phase 2 (CRM 2) (LCI002)
The Client Relationship Model has arrived, in all its glory, stages and phases! This AUDIO course will explain the background of the rules and how it came to be, but focuses on CRM2, Phase 3... Because that's the one that most people are...
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NaviPlan: Getting Started (LCI0041)
NaviPlan: Getting Started (LCI0041)
Naviplan is a comprehensive financial planning software that allow financial professionals to develop detailed financial plans for their clients. This course will introduce you to the NaviPlan software and how to get started making amazing...
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ETF Proficiency Course (LCI00P01)
ETF Proficiency Course (LCI00P01)
Welcome to the ETF Proficiency Course! This course is all about satisfying the proficiency requirements for mutual fund Representatives to offer exchange traded funds (ETFs) to clients. Learn about the basics of ETFs; how they're created,...
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Pensions and Tax Deferral Plans (LCI0107)
Pensions and Tax Deferral Plans (LCI0107)
From government pensions and benefits to employer-sponsored pension plans and tax deferral accounts, this course covers the essentials of Canada's grandest sources of income and tax-friendly savings plans. Institute accredited CE: 1.00
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Fixed Income Investments (LCI0108)
Fixed Income Investments (LCI0108)
There are few things cooler than a "Double O" spy agent. Fixed income is one of them. This course will introduce you to the world of fixed income investments, from bankers' acceptances to treasury bills. Learn how government and corporate bonds...
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FP Solutions: Getting Started (LCI0256)
FP Solutions: Getting Started (LCI0256)
In this course, we’ll introduce the Basic version of the FP Solutions software, how to create a client file, make data entries and how to analyze data with a retirement capital needs analysis. Get your plan on! Institute accredited CE: 1.00
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Insights by Dan (LCI0257)
Insights by Dan (LCI0257)
For over 25 years, Dan Richards’s top-rated talks have helped financial advisors around the world move their businesses forward. In this course, Dan shares some of his tips and wisdom on success and motivation and answers questions you were too...
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Financial Statements (LCI1112)
Financial Statements (LCI1112)
Want to really understand how to evaluate a company? Learn how to read its financial statements. This course will show you how. CE Credit: 0.5 Professional Development Accreditation: LCI005P22
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Financial Ratios (LCI1113)
Financial Ratios (LCI1113)
Want to start evaluating companies for investment opportunities? This course will help teach you the ropes on where to access financial information and how to use it in key financial ratios. CE Credit: 0.5 Professional Development CE Code:...
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Investment Portfolios: Introduction (LCI1114)
Investment Portfolios: Introduction (LCI1114)
An introduction to investment risk, return and the relationship between the two.
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