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Cyber Security Awareness Training (LCI0404C)

2.0 IIROC: Compliance (24-0598C)
2.0 MFDA: Business Conduct (22-0563C) MFDA Activity Number 1000000218
2.0 Alberta Accreditation Committee: Life, Life or Accident and Sickness, General, Adjuster (65484)
2.0 Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario: Life or Accident and Sickness
2.0 Insurance Council of British Columbia: Life or Accident and Sickness
2.0 Insurance Council of Manitoba: Life or Accident and Sickness (36258)
2.0 Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan: Life or Accident and Sickness
2.0 CPA: 2.0 Verifiable Ethics CPD
2.0 CFA: 2.0 Standards, Ethics, Regulations
2.0 FP Canada: Practice Management (11741)
2.0 Advocis: Structured Learning

As the internet emerged and found its way towards an essential service in the way we work and live our lives, data has become the new “oil” – the coveted commodity of the 21st century. The value of data has attracted bad actors to the stage, who use cunning and sophisticated strategies to steal data while staying at least one step ahead of the authorities.

Whether you are client-facing or a C-suite executive, if you work with a computer or a mobile device, it is imperative to understand how to protect your information and safeguard your devices from malicious intent.

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CE Credits: 2 MFDA CE Activity Cod...: 1000000218 IIROC: 2.0 IIROC: Compliance 24-0598C MFDA: 2.0 MFDA: Business Conduct 1000000218 FSRA: 2.0 Financial Services Regulatory Author... AIC: 2.0 Alberta Accreditation Committee: Lif... ICBC: 2.0 Insurance Council of British Columbi... ICS: 2.0 Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan: ... ICM: 2.0 Insurance Council of Manitoba: Life ... CFP / QAFP: 2.0 FP Canada: Practice Management CIM / PFP: 2.0 CIM/PFP Compliance CFA: 2.0 CFA: Standards, Ethics, Regulations CPA: 2.0 CPA: Verifiable Ethics CPD Advocis: 2.0 Advocis: Structured Learning Law Society of ON: 2.0 Law Society of Ontario Substantive H...

  • Introduction Cyber Security Awareness Training (4:27)
  • The Cyber Landscape
  • Evolving Cyber Attacks (2:09)
  • Cyber security today (2:30)
  • Company protocols
  • Employer protocols for cyber security (4:39)
  • Dealing with cyber security incidents (4:00)
  • Threats, actors and tools
  • Cyber threat actors (5:54)
  • Insider threats (2:27)
  • Cyber threat tools Malware (8:43)
  • Malware distribution channels (3:12)
  • Phishing... with a P.H. (6:59)
  • Spear phishing and Business Email Compromises (BEC) (6:57)
  • Ransomware (8:14)
  • Cyber Security Tools and Tips
  • Portable Storage Devices (3:18)
  • Working remotely from home (2:47)
  • Video conferencing (2:51)
  • Social Media (2:42)
  • Passwords (8:02)
  • Final test
  • Test - Cyber Security
  • Resources
  • Cybersecurity - Ransomware Guidance (IIROC)
  • CIRO Ransomware Response Playbook
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever